SISGAIN- A Leading Remote Patient Monitoring Company in Oklahoma

The face of healthcare is being rapidly changed with the advancement in technology. All the traditional ways of treating and assessing a patient now seem to be challenging in the pandemic era. COVID-19 has made it compulsory for people to stay at home and get all the daily-needed facilities like groceries and education at home in the presence of laptops or cellular devices and the Internet. But the question now arises how to manage to receive medical facilities at homes especially for people who need to visit the hospital once a week.

Remote patient monitoring companies like SISGAIN have taken the responsibility of providing a remote patient monitoring system to their customers. They are planning to invest more in the technology to enhance the features of remote patient monitoring. SISGAIN is a top-ranked company providing remote patient monitoring apps in Oklahoma.


Understanding the Concept of Remote Patient Monitoring.


In simplest words, Remote Patient Monitoring is the process of providing medical care facilities to its patient and enabling the doctor and the patient and the doctor to have a straightforward and interactive conversation. RPM technology includes the measuring of health parameters through Remote monitoring patient devices. These devices are installed with sensors, wearables, and mobile devices on the patient side and are connected to a healthcare database. These sensors read the change in health parameters and send it to the doctors for better analyses, assessment, and evaluation.


Healthcare providers have developed certain apps in which all the remote monitoring devices and software are installed. These apps are known as remote patient monitoring apps. These apps enable the patient to benefit from receiving all the health-related facilities like online appointment booking, virtual video, audio calls, and text messages, getting instructions and advice from the physicians on how to take better care of the health, and getting e-prescriptions. Remote Patient Monitoring apps in Oklahoma have proved to take care of the well-being of the citizens.


Remote Patient Monitoring Applications

Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring Software Development in Healthcare systems and Businesses.

  1. Reduction in Treatment Cost- In conventional ways, people had to pay a lot as getting admitted to a hospital was expensive. In the conventional setting, the cost of equipment to measure heart rate, blood pressure, and other vital signs was expensive and needed a lot of investment for a doctor to have this equipment in his clinic. But with RPM devices, doctors can now reduce the treatment cost by getting the reading of a patient's physiology data electronically.

  1. Reduce Staff Workload: SISGAIN’s RPM apps enable the doctors, nurses, and other medical staff to get some time for themselves. It allows them some hours of freedom as most of the work done by the staff employees in the traditional setting is now easy through remote patient monitoring apps and devices and people can operate them on their own.

  1. Early Discharge and low readmissions number:  Remote patient monitoring apps enable the doctor to keep an eye on the patient’s health without the patient’s presence and result in a lowered number of readmissions.

  1. Provide Independence to Doctors: In the traditional setting, physicians had to depend upon the hospitals to get patients and had to do a lot of marketing to receive patients in their clinics. Nowadays remote patient monitoring apps companies help doctors get patients in huge numbers through remote patient monitoring apps.

Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring Apps for Patients

1. Online Appointment Booking: Instead of standing in long queues, people can now simply register themselves in remote patient monitoring apps and get an online appointment booking according to their comfort. They can take sessions from anywhere on Earth.

2. Educate the patients: Earlier, patients were not aware of their medical condition and used to ask for advice only after the symptoms got severe.  SISGAIN has developed remote patient monitoring apps and devices that will alert the patient about an unnoticeable change in their condition and help the patient in getting quick and secure treatment. These apps help the patient by educating them about their condition.

3. Lower Cost of Expenses: In a traditional setting, people had to pay a lot in order to get treatment and for admission in hospitals. With remote patient monitoring apps, people are now able to cut on expenses as they now can recover at home.

4. Equipment Accessible in remote areas: Earlier, people living in remote areas had to travel long distances in order to get medical care facilities. But nowadays with good Internet and a smartphone, people can get all the facilities and care at their place.  


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